A Little About Me: What a cute kid!
Photo Album: Nothing fancy.
Chicago: Our "second home"
My Hobbies: Just like it says.
Links: Other places to go
Contact Me: How to get in touch with me.
Pen Pals:
Missionaries: A chance to reach out to others.
The Reformation: The truth hurts.
Faith of our Fathers Forum:
The Church: Common misconceptions.
Properly Defining the Term "Church": Universal or local?
What is a Church?: Founded on Peter or Jesus?
Why Do We Need a Church?: Do you know why Jesus started the church in Jerusalem?
The Origin of False Religion: God's way or man's?
The Two Babylons: Mystery Babylon
Was the Apostle Peter the First Pope?: You gotta be kidding!
A Little Leaven: It doesn't take much.
By Their Fruits Ye Shall Know Them: How to spot a phoney.
Did "The Church" Begin on the Day of Pentecost?: No!
Church Leadership: Who's in charge?
The Pope: Vicar of Christ or Vicar of Hell?
Bibliography: Sources
Pentecost Sunday: at First Baptist Church of Hammond.
Feedback: A chance to express yourself.
Bible Questions: Where did Cain get his wife?
Funny Pages: For those of you who know how to laugh.
What is Easter?: You'll be surprised
How to Handle Critics: Ignore them
New International Version: Satan's endtime bible?
What's Your Sign?: A study on speaking in "tongues."
How Paranoid Do You Want to Get?: UFOs, New World Order stuff