The Reformation
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Martin Luther and the Reformation
In the spring of 2001, I took a class at Hyles-Anderson College on The Age of Reformation, taught by Dr. Wendell Evans (president) and his assistant, Mr. Daryl Whitehouse. Until then, I knew nothing about the Reformation except it was started by Martin Luther on October 31, 1517. Since then, I have not only learned much about the Reformation, but I have come across some web sites and have seen a couple of documentary videos (and own one) that reflect the spirit of Luther.

I really admire Martin Luther the man, but I could never be a Lutheran (as I was for several years as a youth)--I am an independent, fundamental, temperamental, stubborn, etc. Baptist (or Babtist for you Hillbillies). If you saw the documentary videos I did, and saw the agony that Luther went through because his Catholic religion and being an Augustinian monk did not give him peace, and then saw what God used him to do after his conversion to Christ in standing up to the Roman Catholic system, you would admire his courage.

Luther stood up against Rome when no one else was doing it. God used Luther to light a fire in Europe that split the Catholic Church right down the middle. I admire the man, but he did not totally leave the Catholic system. He not only was not a Baptist, he disliked Baptists! Many other reformers came out of Catholicism; many of them from the priesthood, but all of the Protestant reformers and denominations retained some of the personality and structure of the Roman Catholic system.

Although Protestantism is represented in Revelation 17 and 18 by the harlot daughters of their Mother, Rome, there is much valuable information to be found in the following sites which expose the false teachings of Rome.

Remember, these sites are merely references exposing the false Roman system, they are not an endorsement of Protestant doctrine. Although Baptistic groups existed during and BEFORE the Reformation, they were not always well received by the reformers. Contrary to what anti-Baptists teach, Baptists never where a part of the European Protestant movement!

These sites represent good, sincere people, some with whom I have cordially corresponded and thanked for their sites. Some may not even be Christians but have an interest in the Reformation. is put together by a Baptist, who wishes to remain anonymous. I know of a lady who put a site together similar to this, exposing the Catholic Church, only to have to shut it down due to DEATH THREATS by our beloved "Holy" Roman Catholics! Now, that's Christian love, the same "love" expressed during the Spanish Inquisition!

The Reformation Online

European Institute of Protestant Studies. Remember Ian Paisley? Here he pays his respects (with other authors) to the beloved Mother Church.

Reformers of the 16th Century: An Online Study  Contrary to what this site teaches, the Reformation was NOT God reviving "His church," it was Luther trying to change Rome, which he did not (as a matter of fact, the Reformation strengthened Rome when Loyola started the fanatical Counter Reformation); Luther merely broke away with a reformed protestant branch of the Catholic Church. Although God used Luther to eventually have the Bible translated into English (through King James I) and bring the Gospel to America, Luther never totally left Catholic teaching (formalism, robes). That is why Catholics and Lutherans today are again yoking up together.  The daughters (Protestantism) are coming back home to "Mama" for a family reunion let by the Antichrist Pope.

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The Life of Martin Luther

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