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 On the other side, it is almost guaranteed to make everyone mad at me (Or, since the content came from the Bible, mad at God.). Hard hitting doctrine and contending for the Faith! No Mr. Nice Guy here:

Ah, Peter Ruckman. What can I say? Check for yourself.

Wings As Eagles: To serve independent Baptist churches and their missionaries by taking pastors and their people on short-term mission trips.
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Irrefutable CATHOLIC and historical evidence that the Vatican is Satanic. Hold on to your seat as you enter the abyss of the 14 pages of the Antichrist Slideshow; it will make your skin crawl.
(As you enter this site, you will have to manually scroll down each of the 14 pages. This slideshow is not automatic.) DISCLAIMER: This site is very serious and sobering, and is not recommended for children to view. Parents viewing it will understand why. It may even give some adults nightmares. Enter at your own risk!

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