My Hobbies
Besides staying busy with the Rest Home Ministry at First Baptist Church, I dabble at a few other things. Look, no one is totally sanctified yet, and we all enjoy some of the things of this world; so here are some of the things I do for a diversion:

Resale: garage sales and resale stores (my favorite!). We have "tons" of them in the area. The only thing I get at Carson Pirie Scott is my shave cream! I even buy my ties and most of my shoes at resale.

Chicago World's Fair souvenirs. For some strange reason, I fell in love with the 1893 Columbian Exposition and the 1933-34 Chicago Century of Progress fairs as the result of a trip to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota in August 2000 with my daughter, Melody, and my mother-in-law. There are several antique shops in Rochester, and there was an antique flea market at the county fair grounds right across from the motel we were in!

Collecting business cards. People really think I'm interested in their business, but don't tell them why I really want their business card!

Ball point pens. This is not a serious hobby. When you get to be middle age, some things just stack up naturally.

Coffee cups. We have about 150, and growing, one cup at a time!

Collecting old books. According to a Chicago Public School text book I have, which is over hundred years old, even the public schools in Chicago believed in and promoted God and the Bible. I'll bet they didn't need police patrolling the hallways or metal detectors back then! I wonder what color the hair the students had--or if the girls dressed like boys and the boys dressed like girls? If this is a liberated generation, then why all the divorces? My, how times have changed!

History. Two areas of history in which I am particularly interested:  studying religious (primarily Catholic) and World War II history. I never got too interested in eastern religions. Studying "Christianity," and trying to sort out the true from the false is enough to keep anyone very busy. In the spring of 2001, I took the plunge and changed the major for my Master's degree to Education, primarily because I do not have to take Greek (Yes, I admit I am not that kind of theologian)!

I have collected many postage stamps over the years, many of them worldwide, mostly because, for 12 years, I published The Pen Pal Newsletter (No, I don't have a Graf Zeppelin or that upside down plane)!

I have been taking pictures for over 30 years. I have boxes of them. If you have a Sam's Club in your area, it would be worth joining to get your 24-exposure pictures developed for only $2.00! You can't beat that with a stick (although I have never tried)! Now Sam's can transfer your pics to a floppy or CD (for an extra charge, of course), which is nice in adding to web sites.