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The next eight pages is my alter-ego. They are the mild side of The Baptist Pages. After these eight pages, the party's over--it's "Katie bar the door!" Additionally, the link to my other Baptist Pages could also be hazardous to the health of non-born again religious people who think their church and so-called "good life" is going to get them to Heaven (That's as much preaching you're going to get from this page!).

On the next eight pages, I'm sweet as cotton candy (Just in case you came from the other page, you can cool off here.)!  

On the next eight pages I do not "contend for the faith." I'm real sentimental here.  On these pages, you may even get me confused with being an Evangelical (but don't worry). In case you think I'm becoming too nice, go back to the preachy side of The Baptist Pages or click on the series of pages beginning with "The Church" in the above menu.

Today, most Christians think that Christianity is only being "gushy" and sweet as cotton candy, and never hate sin; but what they do not realize is that there is also another side to the Godhead--a side of wrath and judgment. God even created a place called Hell (ever hear of it?) for the Devil and his angels, and anyone else who ignores God's provision for salvation through Christ (Didn't I say I wasn't going to be preachy on this page? Forgive me.).

Friends of Dr. Jack Hyles

Originally, I had intended on creating a "Friends of Dr. Jack Hyles" web ring; but I dismissed that thought because it would be too time consuming and above my technical ability to maintain it. As a result, I will merely list links to other web sites which honor the ministry of one of America's (and the world's) best friends, and a man who was my friend: Dr. Jack Hyles.

Since no two people think exactly alike, I will expect some criticism--but it will do you no good. I know what I believe about Bro. Hyles and no critic will change my mind (yes, I have seen some of their sites).

I began sitting under Bro. Hyles' ministry in 1974, and regardless of what the critics say, this man was REAL! Most of the criticisms out there have come from disgruntled people (they are only happy when being critical) who do not want to live the Christian life, are jealous, or may not even be true Christians.

As our new pastor, Dr. Jack Schaap, son-in-law to Bro. Hyles has said, he is not going to let the name of Jack Hyles die; and neither am I.  It was the goal of Bro. Hyles to perpetuate the ministry of Dr. John R. Rice, whom he knew well and preached with for many years. Those of us who knew and loved Bro. Hyles do not want his name and ministry to die. Bro. Schaap is being used of God to not only perpetuate the name and ministry of Bro. Hyles, he is continuing to build on it.

Bro. Schaap is one of the most dynamic young preachers in America. Realizing he was having health problems and that he wanted to prepare for tragedy, Bro. Hyles personally trained Bro. Schaap behind the scenes for several years. This is why Dr. Lee Roberson could say to the First Baptist Church congregation, "This is the smoothest transition I have ever seen."; and he is not kidding. The staff of the great First Baptist Church of Hammond and the faculty, staff, and students of Hyles-Anderson College have been 100% behind Bro. Schaap. Sorry, critics, it didn't work out the way you had hoped. We weren't "worshipping Hyles," we were following God's man, the pastor, as the Bible teaches.

The sites below have PROVEN to be pro-Jack Hyles and the fundamental Baptist doctrines and principles for which he has stood. If that makes me a "Hylesite," then chalk me up as a Hylesite! Now you can criticize me as being a "Schaapite!" (P.S. I am also of the King James "Onlyism" cult.)

You, the reader, are invited to send me links that you feel would qualify for this page. This does not mean that I can guarantee that every site recommended will be listed (if you're mature, you will not let this bother you). This page is not the number one priority in my life, so it may take some time for me to check out the recommended links sent in and list them.

If you do not feel that this page properly represents Dr. Jack Hyles, whom I knew for 27 years, then I would happily encourage you to start your own.

Baptist City, the site which is the most up to date, maintained by a member of First Baptist Church, and was chosen by the family of Bro. Hyles to cover the events surrounding his last days on earth and his home going.

Ray Young Publications. Bro. Young is an assistant pastor at First Baptist Church, is the Co-President of Hyles-Anderson College.

Evangelist Joe Boyd has been in evangelism for over 50 years. He is also a member of First Baptist Church of Hammond, Indiana. In his college years, he was on the 1939 championship Texas A&M football team. Also check out Mt. Salem Revival Grounds, founded by Bro. Boyd and a ministry of the First Baptist Church of Hammond, Indiana.

Revival Fires! Published by Dr. Dennis Corle, is "Fundamentalism's Positive Voice For Soul winning, Revival, Biblical Separation, KJV, Local Church and Baptist Distinctives!"

The link below, Baptist Top 1000, is a site dedicated to, ironically, Baptists! (Isn't this a theologically deep statement?) But like any other denomination, there are no two people or sites alike. There are even some with which I or the First Baptist Church of Hammond and Hyles-Anderson College have some serious differences. This link is not an endorsement of any particular site (except this one :-); it is merely meant as a reference and source of Baptist sites.

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