Why Do We Need a Church?
Since the time of Christ, true Christianity has been so corrupted that today error looks like truth, and the truth looks like error. That's why most people who read this report will be offended. I know what I am talking about because I came from a liberal background and have been studying religion for many years. When I discovered that Roman Catholicism was more than just another religion, I, too was shocked.

Why is it necessary to have a church? Jesus started the church in Jerusalem for the purpose of training, comforting, edifying and fellowship so believers could, in turn, go out into the world and win others to Him (personal, door-to-door confrontational soul winning) and bring them into the church, so the cycle could be repeated indefinitely.

The end result of a church is soul winning and all the other internal ministries and activities of a church so the saints could be equipped to perpetuate the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Although worship may be a part of church attendance, it is not the primary reason for a church, as it is seen in typical, dead liberal churches. The Commission of the local New Testament church is evangelization and edification, not worship. Worship is glorifying God, not sitting in a pew in a trance with a strange look on your face, vainly chanting a prayer or creed! Pewsitting, passive worship is not biblical worship. True biblical worship is bringing men, women, boys and girls to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. Populating Heaven with the never dying souls of men glorifies God!

Using a church building only to "worship" was invented by the Vatican. This heresy has even filtered down into Baptist circles, primarily the American and Southern Baptist Conventions, with their sevenfold amens and chanting the Lord's Prayer.

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