Pen Pals
Although I officially discontinued The Pen Pal Newsletter in November of 1998, occasionally I will get a letter from someone that I think is exceptional. This someone is usually an inmate, whom I find is sincere and a born-again Christian, who would be encouraged by a letter from you. Although I can never guarantee that this pen pal is a perfect human being, I think they are sincere and would warrant an encouraging letter. You can be a missionary without leaving your house!

The addresses below are from people who wrote to me. Names sent by others will not be listed, so save your envelope and stamp. Since there is no way of knowing if an address is current, if you write to any below and your letter is returned because the pen pal moved, please e-mail me and let me know.

If an address is outside of your country, be sure to put proper postage on your envelope.

Tito Momen
Kanater Men's Prison B2-R3B
Qualyobia 13621
Cairo, Egypt